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Weekly (1-hour) Spot Supervision ZOOM Sessions

Conducted by Martha Stark MD

Lecturer on Psychiatry (part-time),

Harvard Medical School


01/18/24 – 05/30/24

and perhaps beyond!

12 noon – 1:00 pm (Eastern Time)

"Live" and "Recorded"

for Later Viewing on

My Private YouTube Channel


The only "prerequisite"

is some familiarity with my

Psychodynamic Synergy Paradigm

and a desire to learn more.


If you would like to attend,

please email me at –

Every single week

– a day or two in advance –

I will email you

the unique link

for that Thursday's

entirely F.R.E.E. 1-hour

Spot Supervision ZOOM Session,


which you will be able

to use indefinitely

BOTH for the "live" session and

– at any point down the road –

for later viewing

of its "recording."


Each of the

20 Thursday sessions

– between 01/18/24 - 05/30/24 –

will have a unique link

– associated with that Thursday date –

so please do me the courtesy

of "saving" my weekly emails

– perhaps in a special folder –

if you think that you

– at some point in the future

might ever want to "attend"

whether "live" or "later" –

because I am asking that

I not be expected to re-send

the unique links.


I will also use

the weekly emails

to "update" you

and/or to send you

additional information

about my

Psychodynamic Synergy Paradigm.


I appreciate being asked,

but I am no longer taking on

any new patients or supervisees.


My focus, going forward,

is on creating a platform

for those interested in

learning more about my

Psychodynamic Synergy Paradigm.

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