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Entirely F.R.E.E.

Weekly (90-minute)

Spot Supervision ZOOM Sessions

Facilitated by Martha Stark MD

Harvard Medical School


12 noon – 1:30 pm (Eastern Time)

01/18/24 – 06/27/24

–  24 Sessions  –


09/05/24 – 12/19/24

except 11/28/24 (Thanksgiving)

–  15 Sessions  –

Both "Live" and "Recorded"

for Later Viewing on

My Private YouTube Channel

Prerequisite – Some familiarity with my Psychodynamic Synergy Paradigm, a desire to learn more, and an interest in becoming part of a wonderfully warm community of like-minded and open-minded mental health clinicians.


You can "start" any time!

I use the Spot Supervision ZOOM Sessions to demonstrate the translation of my Psychodynamic Synergy Paradigm into clinical practice.

It can be used as a "conceptual framework" both –


for teasing out the patient's "underlying and more enduring psychodynamic traits" (as primarily either Models 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5)

and for attending  –  moment - by - moment  –  to the patient's "transient and ever-shifting psychodynamic states" (as primarily either Models 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5). 

... the net result of which is that my Paradigm can help you figure out how best to "position" yourself in relation to the patient – both "over time" and "moment - by - moment."

There are absolutely no requirements either to ATTEND LIVE the 90-minute weekly Spot Supervision ZOOM Sessions or to LATER VIEW the RECORDINGS of those Sessions.


My hope is that you will participate in whatever way(s) you would like! 

So if you would like to attend, please email me at –

Currently, we have 26 - 33 clinicians who ATTEND LIVE every Thursday and about 200 clinicians who LATER VIEW the RECORDINGS.

I would love to have you join the Spot Supervision ZOOM Sessions community.

... and very much look forward to hearing from you!!

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