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2 CEs – Only $30


Wise Mind / Wise Body:

The Neuroplastic Synergy of

Mindfulness and Intentionality


Martha Stark, MD

Lecturer on Psychiatry (part-time),

Harvard Medical School

Friday, December 1, 2023

12 noon – 2 pm (Eastern Time)

Both "Live" and "Recorded"

for Home Study

2 CEs – Only $30

Hosted by

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Office of Continuing Education

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“You have two lives – the one you’re born into and the one you choose.”

7-year-old Sean Reagan on the TV series “Blue Bloods” (2011)


During our time together, I will be inviting you to engage both your analytical/logical (more cognitive) left brain and your creative/imaginative (more embodied) right brain to join me in doing a deep dive into exploring the relationship between “wise mind” and “the wisdom of the body” – a synergistic relationship that can be capitalized upon to promote optimal mental and physical health (both for ourselves and for our clients).


Optimally stressful – but growth-incentivizing – “mismatch experiences” will be generated when we commit to embracing every single day with empowering intention and heartfelt conviction at the same time that we are mindfully attuned to the disempowering counterforces lurking beneath the surface of our consciousness. But homeostatic balance can be restored and MindBodyHealth recovered if the “disconnect” between the enlivening and quantum possibility of “what could be” and the sobering and conditioned reality of “what is” can be strategically worked through and resolved.


In essence, by tapping into the brain’s neuroplasticity and ability to change itself in the face of new – whether real or simply imagined – “corrective experience,” the synergy of “setting intention” (by tapping into “wise mind”) and “paying attention” (by tuning into “the wisdom of the body”) will create impetus and opportunity for reprogramming the mind and rewiring the brain.


To illuminate this process whereby the brain’s neural networks are being continuously updated and rendered more relevant, we will be drawing upon such cutting-edge concepts as therapeutic memory reconsolidation, cross-lateralization, hemispheric synchronization, the alpha-theta crossover state as the royal road to body consciousness, the living matrix as a liquid crystal with semiconducting properties, the quantum power of the unconscious, the particle-wave duality, binaural beats, the biology of belief, and the impact of healthy lifestyle choices and toxic environmental exposures on the life-sustaining flow of information and energy throughout the MindBodyMatrix.


“Genetics loads the gun but the environment pulls the trigger.”

Francis Collins, MD, PhD, Director of the National Institutes of Health (2012)


“We are not doomed by our genes – rather, we are marvels of adaptability and change.”

Joe Dispensa (2018)

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